Tips from Adult Diagnosed Learning Disability has son with Autism; Pharmacist and taught Biology

Reframing Resources

My main reason for sharing and that helped me the most in my life to get organized. This way are that?


I had some when I taught school 99-00, part 00-01. I would share this with you. Tell them how to redo their organization of approaching the book. I also have a son with issues and have found out I have one myself. I got through two degrees and successful career before this came to light. Hold high standards and expectations of all students. Remember the mantra, “no excuses!”

I was told and advised to bring things down a notch recently. The old line and worn out axiom about dragging a horse to water was mentioned. I replied, “You can give the horse and IV!”

So keep that in mind.

Now, tell these kids to go to the summary in the text book first. if nothing else they have the short version. A chapter is jumbled and drawn out. Then have them look at the headers and…

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