What Do I Owe My Audience?

What Do I Owe My Audience?
Wisdom I can share.
Having my life that is worth fair,
Anytime giving words learned wisdom,
Time from Adam up to all my picture albums.
Doing what I can to forward causes I know about.
Oppourtunities to give what I have gleaned earning any/all of my clout.
Owning my mistakes but gaining knowledge from them.
Working, crawling through them,
Every time evolving into me.
My life has gains I feel.
You and others might find input by me telling.
Audience is owed
Unpending duty from me to continue
Defining, redoing,
Iteligent works
Every time
Never ceasing to
Create interesting deliverable,
(E)ntereting, worth the read and payment material.
? Which should never be questionable to the reader.

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