Honesty and humor; Mom you told me women have eggs. Autistics are concrete thinkers and honsest!

I am trying to remember all the things my son has said and done to add to my book. I want to share with you how autitisics are concrete thinkers and honest to a fault.



When my son learned about biology at school he came home saying “You lied to me!”

Starting in mid-sentence is nothing new for him when he is hyper.  This is espcially the behavior one gets from Tanner when he thinks he has been lied to by someone.  Which is worse when it is a person he trusts to level with him . Trust me I level with him to a fault.

“Okay son what are you talking about? Remember I haven’t been with you all day! Take a deep breath and think about the words you want to use to tell me what I lied to you about please.”  I have learned to be direct with Tanner and focus him.  This is no easy feat for a woman that Attention Defiect Disorder and traits of other disorders.

“You told me women have eggs like chickens.” Tanner says in a yes tan excited yell.

Ah, now I know what he is talking about.  I read him the book, Where Do Babies Come From?  The book uses the analogy of chicken’s laying eggs.  How did I recover from this one fast?

Remember Tanner believed in what his mom told him and I also told him to respect what his teacher’s taught him. He wanted an answer and fast.

I was fast on my  feet that day.  I explained that women have eggs like chicken’s but they are different in that they are liquid eggs.  I stated the book was a very easy explanation for young children but that women do have eggs like chickens they are in just a different form.

See how autsitic’s are very concrete?  See how they do not like to be lied to?  Honest and concrete in their thinking, autistics can nail you if you are not careful.

Although this is funny, let it be a word to the wise; be careful and ready for those questions later on from stories and explanations you use.  I wasn’t.  I got caught off guard and landed on my feet barely.

I hope this helps young mothers laugh, enjoy and be prepared for questions.

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