A Night of Climbing Windmills in Weatherford, Oklahoma

One night as I will lovingly recall, I climbed windmills for about three hours in Weatherford, Oklahoma with a friend named (changed to protect identity) Marshall.  We drove around the town and others had paired off and I was just friends with Marhsall.  It was awkward in the car so I said let’s go climbing windmills in the country.

It was a risky idea.  We climbed about twenty.  The boards on many of the windmills were rotton.  Marshall was a bit overweight. I am now but wasn’t at the time.  It was a blast.  I came closer to Marshall that night than I ever had before.  Marshall has a voice like no other.  He sang that night so that I almost fell in love with him.

I had meet Marshall before college on a program in high school on a program called Close Up.  Where a bunch of kids went to Washington DC with their history class.  Marshall was a fun person to talk to then and on that night climbing windmills in Weatherford.

We climbed about 10 all together.  It was hard, fun and exciting.  We found out a lot about each other that night.  We bonded by helping each other, catching each other and becoming a team.  It is like managment weekend retreats where you pay a hefty some to become a team.

The moon was shining bright that night. If it hadn’t been I am sure we would have made a trip to the ER with a couple of broken limbs.  We covered everything from children to how we felt about God and plans for the future.  Because we were going to be pharmacists; we talked about why we were becoming pharmacists and what we wanted our careers to look like in the future.

The views of Weatherford in the moonlight from the top of windmill were breath taking also.  I will remember climbing the windmills in Weatherford that night with Marshall for a lifetime.  Marshall is married to another person and I am too.  We were never connected in that way.

However, that night climbing windmills will always be special and tucked away in my memory forever.  This is something people do not get going to a school like Oklahoma University.  There is something to be said for going to a smaller school. I am not bad mouthing OU.  I am only stating that there are things a small town university offers that a big one doesn’t. Where would you ever go climbing windmills in Norman, Oklahoma?

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