Death-I Fear Not

Death-I Fear Not

In the past,
Death made me tremble.
Fear beyond knowledge
Where there was none it so seemed.
Yet, then I was saved.
God gives me comfort.
I never thought I could be by the bedside
Of one dying. 
Then I realized how selfish of me.
My father’s death was hard for me.
Then I had an epiphany.
I was to be there for him.
Get over my selfishness.
Talking to friends about death,
Made it a more pleasant event.
My father was a good man.
Heaven is for REAL.
My friend witnessed a spirit released from her bother.
There is no other way to get to heaven.
Fear is evil.
Fear stifles one in place.
Living then cannot occur.
Sometimes causes one to hurl.
Learn to trust.  
Are you will be rust.
Know where you will go.
It is a steal of a deal.
Live this life without strife.
Be by the bedsides of those that die.
It is for them and not you.
Remember theif life and not your petty fears.
Remember their dear times they gave.
Behave with fears in check.
Heck it is the least one can do.
Do not unleash the beast of fear.
Faith is the gateway to living and death.
Fear death no more.

Author Notes

My presonal expereince with death. It has made me stronger.  If you live in fear of death your life  will be stolen.

© Sandra Lynn Mallo Adcock. All rights reserved

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