Question and Answer.

Question and Answer.

Question must appear.
Answer must appear.
No religion, politics are other care must appear.
Why do you insist on this?

What gears drive your fear?
I do not get it.
You say anything then limit.
Life includes, love, religion and politics.

Technically I am not writing about those.
Only asking why not include these?
Life includes all of these.
What shall I write this poem about?


Autism? One ism’s?
Special needs?

Why do we do all of this to each other?
Hurt those we love the most?
What can we host
to stop these horrible things?

Love is caring,
when others do not.
Sharing when others

Spirituality is everything we believe
that sets us apart.
Without it I can not exist
or I might as well kill my self a la carte.

Motherhood is a bond,
that is strong.
That cries in hurt when
the bond must be torn like a shirt.

My son has autism.
Special needs he is.
Taught me how to live.
Pity me not my wish,

This poem is a question.
This poem is an answer.
No more suggestions.
I hope you have liked my manner.

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