Book Review “Autism Spectrum Disorder in Children and Adolescents; Evidence-Based Assessment and Intervention in Schools,” Edited by Lee A Wilkinson


This is my second book associated with Lee A Wilkinson.  Both books are direct, easy to read with the right amount of information in them.  The first is “A Best Practice Guide to Assessment and Intervention for Autism and Asperger Syndrome in Schools,” which he wrote completely.

The current book’s outline is this;

Chapter 1 Overview of Autism Spectrum Disorder

Chapter 2  Multitier Screening and Identification (written by Wilkinson)

Chapter 3  Comprehensive Developmental Approach Assessment Model

Chapter 4  Cognitive Neuropsycholgical, Academic and Adaptive Functioning

Chapter 5   Language and Social Communication

Chapter 6  Co-Occuring Emotional and Behavior Problems

Chapter 7 Evidence-Based Interventions in the Classroom

Chapter 8  Continuum of Services  and Individulized Education Plan Process

Chapter 9 Curriculum and Program Structure

Chapter 10  Collaboration Between Families and Schools

Chapter 11 Legal Issues Under IDEA

The two parts the book is broken up into are;

I.  Evidence Based Asssessment of Autism Spectrum Disorders

II.Evidence Based Interventions for Autism Spectrum Disorders.

I like the fact that he mentions the review by the National Autism Center. Specifically the National Standards Project(

These reports are great but cumbersome.  This book takes the information to explain it better.  Of course there is more information that is great.  The book also puts in the pieces of where to place the old names Asperger’s Syndrome, High Functioning and other names to the new diagnostic codes of a spectrum.

A book of this magnitude is hard to cover.  Thus, I copied the outline for you and the two parts.  I will say the reading is easy.  It provides easy reference with super index.

The primary audeince is aimed for educators.  I as a parent but provider of health(former teacher) would suggest this for all parties (educators, parents and other related fields).  The explanations are easy to understand and put the new spectrum in place easy.

The book is not a cover it all for tests or explains the scores in depth. It is more general than that.  The book does say that cooperation and communication that is level headed is best for the child the team must consider when working together.

The book is not cheap or very expensive. At it is new price @ $55.48.  Teachers might try getting 3 or 4 to go in for a reference libray of their own.  When in pharmacy school and on a budget, a group of my friends formed a loose study group and did this.

I confess I bought the book because I wanted to add it to my library but I suggest the previous mentioned method to cut down on cost. I am also writing a book and this is part of my research.  I must admit I would buy the book anyway for my own library though.


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