Learning About How To Help Customers

One time long ago a young couple had a bounced check. I knew they had only bounced one check in their lifetime. Yet, the store manager would not overide the check. This bothered me because they had done it for others that bounced checks many times.

The young couple had moved into another apartment and the deposits were the cause of the bounced check. This was when Ceclor was brand name and expensive. Their young baby had a severe ear infection. It was a choice between diapers/formula or ear infection medication.

I had learned that working in a small town and for a grocery store, most towns had a ministerial allliance committee. Basically, an interfailth council that adminsters funds for cases such as this.

I called them and asked them if they might cover the medication or part of it. The couple said they could pay for half if someone might cover the formula. I had also learned that that the group had a charge account at our store.

The end was the the alliance paid for the formula and diapers. The couple paid for half of the medication. This was all they could afford until pay day. I never understood why the store manager wouldn’t overide this check when he had done it for others that bounced checks numberous times. I had almost paid for half of the medication myself. I had done this many times before.

Bottom line, pharmacists can go beyond to help their customers if they are willing to learn about things.

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