Thought Provoking Point from a Teen Aspie

This morning and last night my son was worried and wondering about why the Phillipines don’t want Obama to come there to visit.  He also stated what was a big deal about Obama being the first African American President.

Before I catch a lot of criticism, remember this is America; I have a right to my opinion and a right to protest.  I did not vote for Obama.  I have read his books and it appears to me he is racist.

I was once told to  be on watch for those that describe themselves by the color of their skin.  Hold on. This advice came from a black man in his 90’s that got a Ph.D. during the depression.  He lived through cross burnings in the 60’s.  The Tulsa riots and more.  From his view point White Supremacists described themselves by the color of their skin.  He explained to me that black or white these people are very short on a lot of things.  I have amble respect for this man now long dead.  He emobided the true meaning of rising above prejudice.

I recognize the blacks were mistreated but Obama is half white.  Seldom does he talk about this half of his heritage.  Why?  I explained to my son Obama is half white.  He asked me why he has never heard of this in history or on the news.  I said he doesn’t claim that side much. I also explained my opinion. Remember, here in the US I have a right to my opinion. That does not entitle me the right to harm others.  Protest?  Yes.  Infringe on others rights to believe otherwise? NO.  Others to infringe on my rights? NO EITHER.

Tanner, my son, “If it doesn’t matter but it does. Is it like a mix between a tiger and a lion?  A liger? How can we tell if a person is a mix? ”

My point is it doesn’t matter.  I have taught my son color doesn’t matter.  The sooner we get past color the better.  Prejudice of any kind needs to cease to exist.  This goes for those that think Whites or Supreme or other.  When society transends this, we can start to really advance.

Out of the mouths of innocents comes true wisdom!


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