Learning to Help Customers Part II

Every have an incident when a formula or product is out of stock or manufacture for a bit. I had this happen. A badly needed formula was offline for a short time. The infant in need didn’t know this. All the infant and parent knew was the need was present.

What might you do? Turn them away and say it isn’t your problem and there is nothing you can do? You are too busy to help them?

I know you are busy. Try this next time.

I am backed up now but I promise to check into to the best of my ability tonight and in the next day. I do not promise I can come up with anything but I will do my best. Mean time you do keep trying.

I had a patient that needed formula. The doctor was at his witts end. Imagine the parent. Think how you might feel. I always tried to practice pharmacy as if I wanted to be treated or might treat my family. If it were your child you would be going crazy.

I admit that my volunteering gave me access to more resources and ideas in these areas. The doctor and mother were amazed when I came up with about six weeks of formula and for free.

How did I do this? I called Skyline Urban Ministries, a food pantry where I volunteered. I asked if the Director could help me locate the formula. He did. He called around and found some at Presbyterian Urban Ministries.

The doctor and family were patient for life. Why do I go the extra mile? I guess it is in my nature. Why do I share this here? To show it doesn’t take that much extra do a little more for you customers. I really was taught to use the term patient above customer.

Remember treat people like you want to be treated, you want your family taken care of and you will be one of the better pharmacist around. I firmly believe this will build your business more than prices or gimicks. Read the “Little Red Sales Book.” Gimicks may get people in but it takes quality to keep a customer.

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