Deconstruction by Design: A visual history of the Liberal attack on education

Thirty Days of Autism

The following are some of my drawings and whatnot over the past few (okay… 27) years of weathering the BC Liberal Government’s attack on public education… interspersed with information about the BCTF’s bargaining history. The cartoons I’ve included have all been previously published in my local union newsletter.


I completed the Professional Development Program at SFU and began my teaching career in 1987, the same year that full collective-bargaining rights for teachers were finally achieved.

“…teachers negotiated a full set of terms including: class size, duty-free lunch, fair personnel practice, professional development rights, and a healthy salary increase. In the many negotiations that followed, hundreds of negotiations were concluded without reference to strikes or lockouts. Where necessary, teachers did undertake job action in the face of school boards’ acting unfairly in the negotiating process.” Al Cornes (Teacher Newsmagazine, Volume 13, Number 7, May/June 2001)

"We don't need no education..." Leah Kelley, 2001 (Pink Floyd Brick in the Wall Parody) “We don’t…

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