Volunteer Day at Camp Swanky

July 30th I volunteered at Camp Swanky, sponsored by This is an art camp where Senior artists with BeesKnees,, work with younger artists.

A question was asked, “What inspires you in art?”

One girl, “How I feel in my art work.”

One male camper, “My favorite thing is animation.”

Another male camper says, “Brand new fantasy!”

The former Beesknees’ coordinater is leading this day. Asks what a Nontraditional Artist is. Then he tells the Campers to sketch what the like. Below are some examles of what they sketched and worked on.20140630_130630





One girl kept saying  “I don’t want to be here.”

I explained to her about Salvador Dali’s melting clock painting.   She drew a boot on time of a clock.  The camp was for those with autism.  It takes a while for those with autism to get used to new suroundings.  This was new to her.  Some of the other campers had been there at Camp Swanky before.  Or, others had art classes before that they had participated in before.  One camper came from Lawton, Oklahoma to El Reno Oklahoma to particpate in  Camp Swanky.

I heard that this girl adjusted and ended up drawing and painting plenty of art.  The best was she seemed to enjoy herself. There will be an art show displaying the art from Camp Swanky.  I will post updates from the show on this blog when the show happens.

Other favorite things stated were;

Rainbows                                                                                                                                              Muffin horses                                                                                                                                        People watching fireworks                                                                                                                Flowers Computers                                                                                                                            Control over planets                                                                                                                            “Fusion Power.”

There is a need for more camps like these.




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