My Dream Summer “Camp Read-All”

I read about a Camp Kindness with the Nebraska Human Society recently.  Children read to dogs.  10421299_10152119777002027_4265526365266506699_n-1

I hope to get a camp like this going in Yukon/Oklahoma City Metro Area. I love the idea that kids read to dogs.  This takes away all the anxiety of mis-pronoucing words.  I prefer to work with special needs kids because my son has autism and this is what I know.  However, this is limiting those that need to gain reading skills.

I have a vision where Camp Read-All will have all these activities;

1.  Reading to Dogs                                                                                                                               2.  Working with the dogs on training maybe reading about this.                                           3.  Walking the dogs.                                                                                                                           4.  Using highschool kids to work with the animals and kids.                                                     5. Have middle school kids be a resource for the younger kids on reading skills.                 6.  Reading to the elderly in nursing homes.                                                                                7.  Trip to the library and on how to use this.                                                                                8.  Trip to a local bookstore.

I would look for grants from Purina (has a plant in Edmond, Oklahoma), Pet stores. Literacy sources, and Federal/State sources.

Please if you have any ideas to help make my dream come true, let me know.


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