Graphical Interlude

Hawk Vs. House

So over on Amanda Mills’ blog “Nature Study in the City” she recently did an excellent post entitled “The White Tussock and Autism Acceptance” (both linked) – that went through a nifty little step by step that shows the connection between Amanda’s recent family outing to a presentation on lightening bugs and hike, both things I think must have been absolutely fascinating, and autism acceptance.

Amanda (and myself both) constantly sees connections everywhere, and not in a “Use the Force Luke” kind of way (although I kinda believe in something akin to that anyway – but that’s a religious leaning… no I’m not a Jedi). We also know that connection is not cause, the same way correlation is not cause. Amanda’s post was brilliant and went through five points on nature (and the wilderness) and Autism Acceptance showing how they were connected.

I loved them. I…

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