Hurry Up and Wait

Engaging The Patient

Contributor: Courtney Hummel – Senior Client Services Specialist, Emmi Solutions

Courtney Hummel Courtney Hummel

The only time I visit museums is when visitors come into town. At that point, I can don my hostess cap and show my “they-aren’t-from-around-here” tourist friends around town. Secretly (don’t tell anyone), I’m giddily enjoying all the sights and sounds while pretending that I know what I’m talking about.

My most recent adventure took me to a museum exhibit about Walt Disney, his impact on the film industry, and his incredible insight into, quite simply, what makes people happy. Imagineering, anyone? Disney had guest service — never customer, always guest — down to an art, from the spotless streets, to his special brand of “assertive friendliness,” and even the psychology behind waiting in line. People visit the happiest place on earth and spend 30, 45, 60 minutes for a 2 minute ride, all the while leaving happier…

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