Autism under reported in Minorities?

Please check out this article @

The article says autism under reported in blacks and Hispanics. I didn’t see a state to state comarision.

It does make me wonder about the l: 88 and l:53. Is autism under reported? too Broad a category to get sufficiant data?

I propose More specific Spectrum varieties, those that Co occur with oTher issues in what%’S and more be defined better so research advan cement can happen faster,

Too many stabs at a vague definition with so many variables decreases the chance of real progress. specifics can push research forward light years.

Also, we need to decrease underserved populations. This is for humanity and Science, Variables by race must be addressed fer proper treatment and the Scientific light that Can be shinned on Autism in general.

These are My opinions. Also, as a scientist, Ikrow defining the issues and plodding forward in a logical, methodical order provide the best outcomes when attacking problems that need to be solved.

Autism and all disorders teach us humanity should realize the luxury of racism is outdated and wrong.

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