Graduation Day!

My son graduates in May so-many mixed feelings


Graduation day!

I knew this day would come one day, But I feel it came too soon.

You’re almost an adult now, where did my baby boy go?


I remember when the doctors told me I was pregnant with you. Daddy and I were so excited. I recall how elated I was to become a mommy. I laid awake all night thinking about you.  What color your eyes were going to be?  Whether you would be born with black hair or light hair?  9/26 you were born. My whole life changed.

As a toddler you were the typical little toddler, always getting into mischief. You had such a fascination with dinosaurs.  In kindergarten you shined bright light a diamond. The teachers were always impressed with your ability to learn things so quickly.

As you entered into middle school you stood out of trouble. Though at times you would follow others…

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