Washcloths Are Scrubs

My grandmother did wuskis and ironing for people with old ringer washer!

Elan Mudrow


A bath towel knows

the raw and rude truth

Which in most cases

Is not a good thing

A paper towel gets wet

Easily. Then it’s all over

In one or two short wipes

A kitchen towel thinks

they’re fancy schmancy

But is just a dishtowel

By any other name

Handkerchiefs are snots

A sanitary towel can seem like

A murderer on a rampage

But, are really innocent

Napkins underneath it all

Beach towels get sand

Stuck up their creases

Tissues expose themselves

Then are found about the house

Involved with a wad

Bar towels smell like barf

Drink incessantly

Dabble with chasers

Rags are always found in

The most awkward circumstances

Hand dryers fake the funk

Washcloths are scrubs



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