This blog has advice that is great for all with autism as no two are alike and info helps


It’s 2am and the alarm clock in your little head goes off. Your awake! I hear you in your bedroom beginning to recite a Dora show.

You come down from your bed and run to my bedroom. You lie down next to me. I hug you and gently kiss your cheek. I rub your back softly, hoping you will fall back to sleep, but you do not. We leave our warm bed and off to the living room we go. I stop in your bedroom and get your favorite pillow and blanket. I fix up the sofa for you with hopes that maybe you would lay down there and fall back to sleep. But, instead you begin to spin around in circles, and start to laugh uncontrollably. I cannot resist your laughter. We laugh together. You hold out your hands to me. You want me to spin with you. I begin to spin…

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