Choice is ….Optional.

Lady Crookback

“They do not live their lives by your leave’. They hack them out of the wilderness, burying their children as they go”. (Last of the Mohicans [film])

When I tell sympathetic people the rubbish some people come out with about disability, people ask me, “Where do you find these people?” but they are just ordinary people, sisters, mothers, co-workers, strangers, teachers and shopkeepers. Sometimes quite nice people who in every other way are intelligent, compassionate and educated. But, “I’ve seen things you people wouldn’t believe…..”

In November last year we realised I was expecting a baby. However we lost her on 24th December. we wanted to mark her passing in some way- so we gave her a name: Helena Antonia.

An ordinary tragedy and most people can just chalk it up on the family calendar as pain and sorrow and try again. But I was born with a…

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