PLEASE READ BEFORE JUMPING TO CONCLUSIONS!!Racial Profiling is Common Sense: This is not discrimination!!!

Think back to when the KKK did cross burnings.  Blacks were treated horrible.  I knew a man personally that lived through this time period.  He was a black man that earned a P.Hd. during the depression.  He was not a racist person.  I believe we both grew up being taught that the color of a person’s skin doesn’t define and should not limit any person to a boxed reality in life.

This man was a perfect example of a patriotic, caring, and intelligent American.  He told me once, “Sandra beware of people that define or identify themselves by the color of their skin!”

Remember the KKK considered themselves or does as being white and a supreme being.  White power?  The black patriotic man I mentioned earlier talked about how small the KKK was and their limited mind set.  I agree.

How about the Crips?Crip_tattoos

How about the Bloods?


How about a motorcycle gang?  A_Hells_Angels_jacket

If people are looking for a white racist group that is inflicting hurt, murder and other terroist acts on the black community, doesn’t it make sense to do a racial profile?  This means looking for white people that act a specific way.  They would consider blacks to be inferior and may try to supress their rights a citizen of the United States.

REMEMBER I DO NOT BELEIVE IT IS OKAY TO JUDGE PEOPLE BY SKIN COLOR.   That said any group from the Nazi’s to those preaching the Gospel on the side of the rode have specific freedoms to  state they do not like whites, blacks or green people if they existed.   When they cross the line and break the law is where or infringe on others rights is when as people and a free country we must protect those that are targeted!!!

Common sense means racial profiling should be used if it will protect people.  This doesn’t say we have the right to abuse  or debase people of any color.  It only means if the offense was commited by what a profile of a KKK member might do; then profiling a racist white person is the way one might find a guilty person.

I prefer we protect people by applying common sense to find people that break the law and harm others.  Being political correct may cause the chances of finding people to decrease immensly.

Remember we may not like what a certain group does.  If it is within their right to commit acts that are not popular and even racists, as long as no harm comes to others or infringes on other’s rights, we live in a free country.  I do not teach my son to hate people because the color of their skin.  I taught him this is wrong and the color of a person’s skin should not matter when picking a friend, treating people a specific way or things of this matter.

Taking all of this into consideration, I am for racial profiling if it makes sense.  Remember these images?

If looking at people with the skin color of muslims makes sense, I am for it.  If it helps us locate the people that killed so many people, why would we not use it?  Again, this doesn’t mean when a person fits a profile we have the right to disregard their freedoms.  Ethics, laws, morals and personal religion dictate that we should act in a manner of a higher caliber.  Yet, if evidence prevails in detaining this person, we should.

France has been hit hard recently.  I feel for them.  Now as a country that gives plent of freedom to the citizens here in the United States, we should also have the right to limit immigration that threatens our people.

Getting better intelligence is crucial.  Letting floods of people into our country at one time is a recipe for steps being missed.  This means more mistakes and putting our innocent people at risk.  Think about it.

Do these images speak of racistm?

Recent views of France and the terroism below.

What I think shows one of the most dispicable acts.  How dare a group disrespect the flag of a counrty in this manner.


SO I ASK YOU IS RACIAL PROFILING WRONG OR IS IT JUST THE ACT OF BEING A RACIST THAT IS WRONG?  Persucuting any one group in these types of ways is wrong.  However, it it makes sense to do racial profiling to  protect people of every and all colors then it isn’t wrong.  AGAIN, THIS DOESN’T MEAN WE CAN ABUSE THEIR RIGHTS.  I make the case of logic in looking for groups of people that kill and maim others of any color to protect people of any color.






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