Reframing Resources

Reframing Resources  is to be an up and coming SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP.


Reframing Resources’mission will be to find an “Equalizer” for those with a disadvantage (society often terms a disability that some thinks this makes a person less than) to gain an advantage.  Hopefully, this obtained “advantage”will allow this person or people to have quality of life, gainful employment, less pain and be a part of society.

Reframing Resources will do this through education, advocacy, product development, quality services, innovative services and whatever means available.  This may mean pushing for policy change.  Reframing Resources will commit to giving back both finiacially and via human interaction.  This is to include volunteering while looking for new models of doing things in society.

Ethics will be a major cornerstone of our philosophy of business.  However, this will be based on simple principles like the Golden Rule and considerable less favorable on politics.  Many management styles consider politics to be favorable in the business culture along with having an ethical matrix decision model example in place.

Reframing Resources knows the Golden Rule is the way to go.  Keep a culture of treating others as you want you and your family to be treated and there is  little doubt of things going wrong.  If a person has to carry him around a matrix to make decisions when he/she is interacting such as sales calls or other; then they are going to be sunk.

This brings me to a basic point.  You hire people with a sense of morals and ethics in the first place.  If they don’t have these a business can’t give this to a person.  However, a policies and procedures handbook that is neither to brief or excessive in length should exist for good business and decent employees.

A carefully thought out employee handbook along with a decent training or introduction period sets the cornerstone for a positive future. Employees understanding the mission and vision is imperative to the success of the business, in this case Reframing Resources.  It will be a bit before there are a lot of employees,but it is my hope that it builds to employee nice number.  This is good for the economy and the enterprise.

It is the intent that when Reframing Resources builds to having a number of employees; that the body feels a part of the mission, vision, and continue to strengthen the company. Reframing Resources’ employees are to be treated with respect, as if they are an integral component of the company with the culture being one of inclusiveness that should foster innovation in solutions for society’s problems.

One such idea is to really apply “Person Centered Planning”to those in our society that are the most vulnerable.  I find there is a lot of lip service given to this movement but when it comes to finding jobs or careers; things along these lines, we go back to the circle that costs society more money in the long run.  Instead of investing the time and money the first time around, we place people in a career or any old job to close a case get them a job.

Reframing Resources desires to be a “think tank”that will look at the problem or issue from all sides or the “complete picture” in order to try to find a real true solution.  Also, instead of propagating more “beauagracy” with more agencies and groups that are supposed to help but do the same thing;  Reframing Resources will actually begin to make some inroads  or dents in the statistics with a trend going the other way for a change.

As a person that has been given wrong information more than once, my hope is that correct information and real positive movement, even if incremental, the reversal shows those with a disadvantage they can do!

















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